Airborne Survey Aircraft

Bell Geospace Inc.

Basler BT-67 C-FTGI


C-FTGI is owned by Bell Geospace (based in Houston, Texas and in Aberdeen, Scotland) and operated worldwide by a Canadian operator. C-FTGI is a Basler BT-67, originally a DC-3 built in 1944 but modified and modernized by Basler Turbo in 2008. The aircraft is configured for exploration geophysical survey work with a permanently installed Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometer (FTG) manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

The FTG is entirely passive i.e. it does not produce any emissions apart from those associated with normal electrical power usage. The system is powered continuously and therefore requires reliable mains power (120V or 240V) while the aircraft is parked.

Survey flights are conducted at low-level (nominally 80m above ground) by two pilots and one or two survey technicians. Because the equipment is sensitive to turbulence sorties are, depending on weather conditions, generally flown in calm conditions in the early morning and/or late afternoon amounting to 4-8 hours per day.

* Maximum speed:215 knots (247 mph)
* Cruise speed: 205 knots (236 mph)
* Range: 1,860 nm (2,140 mi, 3,440 km)
* Power/mass: 0.099 hp/lb (163 W/kg)